While we continue to support our desktop version, we have moved on to the new version to provide you with more stability and sustainability with our software.

We have compiled some short video tutorials in order to provide a brief overview of the different features of Long Tail Pro Cloud. Check them out here: www.longtailpro.com/demo-videos.

In this article, we’ll discuss the details of differences between the Long Tail Pro Desktop and Cloud versions as well as future plans for Long Tail Pro.



Long Tail Pro Cloud is over fifty times faster than the desktop version. Instead of having to click and wait hours for bulk KC calculations, you will now automatically get KC results for your keywords in 30-60 seconds!

Location Independence

Long Tail Pro Cloud is a web based app so you can use it anywhere. With the old desktop version, you could use only 3 installations of Long Tail Pro. Now you can get access to all your projects from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Exact Search Volume

One of the most frustrating things for all of us over the past couple months has been opening up Long Tail Pro or the Google Keyword Planner to see those dreaded “1K-10K” search volume results. These volume ranges really limit the effectiveness of keyword research, and that’s why we chose to use external data providers for LTP Cloud instead of requiring you to provide your AdWords account.

Since LTP Cloud is not dependent on your AdWords account, you no longer need to worry about having account restrictions or spending money on AdWords. LTP pays all the costs of data service providers to provide you with exact monthly local search volumes. 

Rank Tracker

Long Tail Pro Cloud includes a Beta version of our new Rank Tracker. We're excited to give this to LTP Cloud users for free! The ability to track page rankings for various keywords is really powerful. It helps you decide which parts of your website to focus on for maximum success. 

Personal Domain Analysis

Long Tail Pro Cloud can analyze your domain and provide you with insights about what Keyword Competitiveness scores you should target for your specific website. This analysis is based on the authority that search engines give to your domain. Not only do we help you select good keywords to target, but we also provide you with your domain’s Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow scores and the number of backlinks, so you can track your domain’s strength as you do your keyword research.

Assess Income Potential: Introducing Rank Value

We have introduced a new metric called Rank Value to help you assess the money-making potential of your keywords. Rank Value is the estimated monetary value of ranking in the #1 spot for any given keyword. 

In other words, it estimates how much money you will make if you are able to rank your website in the #1 spot for a given keyword. We have included algorithms to calculate income for AdWords and Amazon Affiliates as well as a custom calculation for e-commerce sites.

For more details on Rank Value, check out this video: 

WHAT WE LEFT OUT OF LTP CLOUD, AND WHY (desktop-only features)

Global Search Volume

In Long Tail Pro Cloud, we haven’t kept the option to retrieve Global search volume as it was in Long Tail Pro Desktop. This is because we have switched to relying on external data providers for keyword volume, and after extensive testing, we decided that the global search volumes in these external sources were not reliable and consistent enough. In many cases, global search volume was missing, or was reported as being the same as the local search volume, when this wasn’t accurate. 

Since local search volume is significantly more useful, we have chosen to leave out global search volume and to focus on providing accurate local search volumes in LTP Cloud.

Unlimited Keyword Results

Unlike Long Tail Pro desktop, Long Tail Cloud comes with limited keyword usage. Users can retrieve and save data into projects which they can use later as well. Unfortunately, now that we no longer rely on user AdWords and Moz accounts, we need to pay for every row of data that we retrieve, which means that unlimited keyword results is not an option. This is an unfortunate but necessary change which all other keyword research tools in the industry have made as well. 

We have made the limits as high as possible, with several available plans so that successful keyword research can be done at any level. Starter, Pro, and Agency accounts are available so you can get the number of keyword searches you need, whether you’re running one personal niche site or you’re an SEO agency managing multiple sites.

Google/Bing Title Competition and Domain Availability

We believe that these aren’t very useful anymore, with all the changes that have occurred in SEO over the past few years. We chose to leave them behind and focus on new features that we think have greater value, like Personal Domain Analysis and Rank Value.

THE FUTURE OF LONG TAIL PRO: What to Expect in the Coming Months

Keyword Data Improvements (January 2017)

As we mentioned, Long Tail Pro Cloud is now using external data sources to provide you with exact search volumes. The limitation with this method is that sometimes our external data providers don’t have data for really low volume keywords (0-10 monthly searches) or for some countries outside the U.S.

However, we’re actively working to improve our results for low volume and international keywords. This is the development team’s top priority, and we expect to increase the amount of data available within the next month.

We’re committed to constantly improving our data offerings to make sure that we continue to provide the best, most accurate results on the market.

Measuring Organic Search Ranking Potential (mid 2017)

Have you gotten really excited about a low KC score only to realize that it’s an e-commerce keyword and Google is skewing results towards sales pages? What about keywords that seem promising, but when you look at Google you see images, sponsored results, or info boxes taking space away from organic results? Keywords like these are part of the reason we have to do in-depth competition analysis while researching.

Soon, the LTP team will bring you a new metric to help you measure the percentage of organic vs. non-organic results at a glance. Since KC already tells you how well you can compete against other organic results, using both of these together will help you assess your ranking potential more quickly and accurately.

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