Firstly, please note that this is a temporary solution to the issue of recurring Captchas in LTP. The team behind LTP is actively trying to figure out a solution.

Also, please note that this workaround is a bit technical and might not be suitable for all users. We don't recommend that you use this solution unless you're having severe issues with recurring captchas.

This solution works by using an external program to tunnel your web traffic through proxies when using LTP. This external program and any proxies that you use (free or paid) are not endorsed by LTP and we are not responsible for anything negative that occurs due to the use of these proxies or this program.

We also recorded a video so you can follow these instructions by watching the video if you prefer:

Text Instructions

The first thing that you'll need to do is download this proxy client:

The software was created by a Chinese software developer, so please keep that in mind.

Once you've downloaded and installed the software, you'll need to find some proxies to use. In our tests, we used free proxies from this site. However, we recommend that you use paid proxies when attempting this solution as not all the free proxies from this site worked - only about 1/3 free proxies worked when using LTP in our tests.

If you do decide to use free proxies only, we recommend that you select proxies from developed countries only - Google gives more leeway to IP addresses from developed countries like the US, European Countries, South Korea, etc.

The first thing that you'll need to do is to add LongTailPro to the proxy client. You can do this by following these instructions:

1. Navigating to Apps --> add an executable file

2. Click Browse

3. Locate your Long Tail Pro folder and select and open LongTailPro.exe

4. Click OK

(see the attached screenshots below)

Next, you'll need to add some proxies to the software. You can do this by clicking 'Proxy'. In the window, right click and choose 'Add New Proxy'. Add the proxies that you've collected - make sure you get the IP addresses and Ports added correctly. Then click Save.

You can try using free proxies - I've found that the proxies from here work reasonably well. We recommend that you use paid proxies though because sometimes free proxies don't work properly, and in that case it will seem as though LTP has stopped functioning when it's actually an issue with the proxy. Paid proxies should be more stable and you're less likely to run into proxies that don't work.

Once you've added the proxies (make sure you get the port numbers correct), test all your proxies by clicking 'Proxy', then right click and select 'Test All Proxy through TCP'. This will filter out some of the proxies that don't work. Delete the ones that don't work.

Next, pick a proxy, then boot up Long Tail Pro from within SocksCap64. Your Long Tail Pro should now be running through the proxy. You can proceed to use LTP as normal.

Keep in mind - this doesn't avoid the captcha issue entirely - it's possible that while using a proxy, you'll still encounter the captcha issue. However, when you do run into captchas, all you need to do is close LTP, choose a new proxy, then reopen LTP and it should function properly again.

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